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Calle Peña y Goñi, 2-1º C.P. 20002
Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain)
Julia Galdona Fernandez
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Make Payment

This is the page where you can make safe encrypted payments to accounts of Pensiones con Encanto.

You can pay by using credit/debit cards that are compatible with the system in our safe transaction page of the Banesto bank. Just enter your credit/debit card details.

For your security we have an encrypted TPV system that is 100% secure and safeguards all the data sent or received.

If you have any doubts or queries when making a transaction, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Pagos Tarjeta Visa
  • Pagos Tarjeta 4
  • Pagos Tarjeta Eurocard
  • Pagos Tarjeta Virtualcard

When one of our guest houses has confirmed your reservation you pay by following these steps:


Si quiere imprimir los datos de la operación para guardar su número de referencia lo podrá hacer en la pantalla del banco una vez que el pago esté autorizado, luego no será posible.

More security
128-bit encryption

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